[Ansteorra] OT?: SCA baby

Robin Lindsey moiranliam at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 10 10:32:31 PDT 2007

Not OT at all...

I will parrot what some of the other folks have said.  Stuff that has
helped me:

1.  The baby sling.  When Vivien was little it was indispensable both in
the SCA and mundanely.  As they get older, the leash.  Definitely the
leash.  I had a leather one, but the dog ate it.  I curently use long inkle
woven trim in my colors.
2.  The wagon.  For hauling them both around.
3.  The baby corrall.  You can get a folding pen at pestmart for about $65.
(URL is here: http://tinyurl.com/2ax743 ) Have it be the last thing loaded
in the car and the first thing out so you can plunk em in there while you
set up camp.  And if you know folks who have the same kind, it's
4.  PLANNING for camping! I can't stress this enough!  Babies are highly
portable, but they need a lot of gear.  Have extra towels, take a small
collapsible pool for hot events, LOTS of sunblock, and extras of everything
- think "Diaper Bag on Steroids.".  And lots of babywipes.  Viven's fist
camping event was at... 6 months old?  I think.  It's not as hard as you
think.  Once you've done it a couple of times and get the routine of it
down, it gets easier.  Also, try to stick to their sleep/eat schedule as
much as possible.  Meltdowns suck.
5.  Camp around other people with kids, or with people who won't complain
(much) when yours it up at 7am after they've had a good hard night's revel.

6.  Most  Important: ASK FOR HELP!!!  Your friends love you and everyone
thinks the baby is wonderful and cuddly.  I guarantee for a small baby, you
won't have to twist anyone's arm to hold them while you eat or take a
bathroom break.  Just make sure you trust them with the tiny one.  With
older toddlers, it's a little different. But usually someone else with a
toddler will swap out with you and you can tag-team.

My SCA with Kids expereince has been a good one so far, and I am incredibly
fortunate to have friends who love me (yay all you guys!!) who help me out
a LOT at events.  With Liam gone as much as he is, I couldn't go to an
event at all unless I had help.  

Lady Moira Lindsay
Vivien & Chance's Momma

P.S.  I did Steppes Warlord 2006 with just me and the kids...  And lots of
help.  If they let me do it, it must be easy

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