[Ansteorra] baby leashes

Ulrich von Brixen ulrich_vonbrixen at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 10 14:38:42 PDT 2007

    As a former Police Officer, who worked many off duty security jobs at Malls, I noticed that most of the people who complained about "baby leashes" one, either did not have children, or two, paid a nanny to be with their children while they, the parents "played".  
  I am a firm believer in child harnesses  and use them myself on my two little ones.  For some reason most people do not approach me and say anything about it.  But when they do I tell them that they are certainly entitled to their opinion, but I will keep my children safe and raise them the way I see fit, and that your opinion matters very little to me and shows how un-intelligent you are. I get alot of stunned looks from most women when I say that, and I just walk off.
  Lord Ulrich von Brixen

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