[Ansteorra] Gothic Call To Arms! [Not so LONG as the other guy]

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Unto the Great and Noble Soldiers of Ansteorra,
    Pray heed the words of my most beloved Baron of Bonwicke. Baron Armand has indeed lost all sense of honor and it has been replaced by greed. If it is more lands he wants then he will have to take them by force of arms. I call now to the Chivalric Fighters of Ansteorra. Make your way to the fields of Gothic! His Most Gracious Excellency Kainin has asked me to take the field and lead his forces against those of "the crazed and power hungry" Baron Armand of Elfsea and I have accepted this task most whole-heartedly! 
    All soldiers of Ansteorra gather your arms and armor and look to the Western Region. An Army quickly grows and more of you are needed. 
    A most noble call to those Crusaders of the Kingdom of Ansteorra! If ever there was a cause for a Right and Just Crusade, this is one indeed. Crusaders from France, Italy, Germany and England, Templar and Teutonic Orders. Gather with me at Gothic Wars under the banner of the Order of the Hospitaller where we will lead the Armies of the Western Region and push Baron Armands Army back to the gates of Elfsea! 

In Service to Christ and Crown
Ld. Jasper Codrington
Brother Sergeant in the Order of the Hospitaller  

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Greetings to my brothers and sisters of the mighty
Kingdom of Ansteorra,
from the beleaguered and maligned Baron of Bonwicke,

My good kinsmen I ask you, night terrors? My cousin
seeks to invade my holdings to "test my mettle"
because of his dreams which have unmanned him so? He
should do as my wet nurse did, when the terrors of the
dark frightened me as a small child; drink a dram of
warm milk and leave a taper burning to chase back the

However, it appears that his course is set and we in
the west are certainly more than prepared to meet his
forces and decide this matter once and for all. I
would therefore beseech you all to join with Bonwicke
and the Western Region, and fight for the side of
justice. I offer no payment (certainly not in the form
of lands to which I have no claim) beyond honor and
glory but neither do I offer punitive taxation to
those that that choose to stand against us. We must
all follow our hearts, down the path that we feel is
most just, and I will never take issue with a kinsman
that does this, for the heart of all Ansteorrians are

I would offer, that should Bonwicke and the west fail
in this challenge and my Cousin lay claim to lands in
the Western Region, who next will the Bloody Baron cry
out about in the night? He mentions already the lands
of the north and the great Barony of Eldern Hills; are
they next in his crusade to test the strength of the
Kingdom? How many farms and hold-fasts must he claim
before his appetite is sated and he can once again
sleep through the night without fear?

Send word to me, so that I may make your numbers known
to my generals and commanders and so that we might
settle this matter once and for all. We have need of
your swords and bows; as well as your rapiers, skills
in the arts and sciences and the service of all good
people. There is glory and honor to be had by all who
would help the west prove her worth.

Join the heroes of the Western Region!

In service to my Crown and the lands that I serve,
Kainin Tepesa
Baron of Bonwicke

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