[Ansteorra] Opinions on tent

Ruh ruhkeddi at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 5 07:15:29 PST 2007

Despite rolling my eyes at all of you SCA advertising agents... I see your major point.  Canvas is much sturdier.  Heck we slept in canvas tents for months in Iraq.  I wonder if I could talk the husband into a Panther Regent's pavilion for hunting?  

"But dear, it's only $1100.00 and the deer will never notice it.  You know how nasty it gets out there and besides, we only have room for one tent in the garage/attic/under the bed."

Seriously, you might have a point.  Perhaps we should just borrow a tent for the first couple of events until we can make sure he's going to enjoy the SCA and we can get a period one ordered.

Oh, and thank you Stefan for the link to the section on tent survival.


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