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They are recalling can dog food as well as cat can food. We have had 3 dogs
come into our clinic just this morning. All the clinics in the area are
going to be busy. Anyone that feeds their cats and dogs wet food to stop and
start feeding dry food. We had a TV remote station at work this morning
about the food situation.

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For those of you in the who have been at war and may not have heard about
this, please note the following recall of cat and dog foods, particularly
any small cans or pouches of 'cuts in gravy' style. I have come to the
horrible realization that I killed my cat Ollie a few weeks ago with this
food. Ollie hadn't been eating well and I thought it might have been
problems with his teeth so I bought him a variety of small cans of Iams cat
food. He was doing really well on them, actually starting to gain weight.
One day, the store had some 'Turkey cuts in gravy', a type they hadn't had
before. I picked up about 4 cans...all they had. Ollie loved it. Ate that
flavor better than any of the others. Scarfed it down and licked the plate
after it was gone. I interspersed that flavor with the others for a couple
of days and then he stopped eating again. As that was his favorite, I gave
him the last can of the cuts in gravy but he wouldn't touch it. Fortunately
the other cat seemed to know that th
Lyneya de Grey
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