[Ansteorra] So for we who live vicariously...

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Moments of glory!  She wants moments of glory!

Well, you'll have to look to the fighters for the perfectly-timed rescues
and other tales of derring-do, and I'm sure they were present aplenty, as in
years past.

For me, the moments of glory were small.  They consisted of things like:
	The injured child who spent her entire day with us at Chirurgeons'
Point (by permission), counting and packing away our supplies.  True, she
couldn't participate in her usual activities, but she gave up her day to
help do a necessary but truly thankless job, and did it with good humor and
never a murmur of complaint.
	The look on Enoch Crandall McCrannon's face when the King offered
him a Mentor Chirurgeon's baldric.
	The King that took pity on a minion who had lost most of her voice
and carried on promoting Chirurgeons in Training to Chirurgeons in Court
without a whimper.
	The banners everywhere in encampments.  Elfsea was just ablaze this
year, and Axemore had looooonnngg, fluttering banners on long poles above
the tents that were just beautiful.
	People who pitched in and helped one another without being asked.
Everything from grabbing the arm of a tottering lone lady to hauling huge
burdens, all just for the sake of helping another person.
	Merchants who gave truly NICE gifts for the volunteer hours drawing,
and all of them were.  They get nothing for this.  No tax write-off, no gate
discount; just a little sign that says they gave something.  Volunteers
don't usually work for the chance to receive these gifts in the Saturday
drawing, but they appreciate them all the same.
	The many, many people who gave literally thousands of hours to make
Gulf Wars what it was. 
	Rushing up from Chirurgeon's Point to stand by the road as our
Stellar Army marched off to battle...and then noticing the 40-or-so who
joined the column from another road. (Ok, so I cry easily)

None of these items can stand alone in a bard's tale, but each of them
caused my heart to swell for just a moment (or more). I count each of them
as moments of glory that helped cement an event into an Event.

HL Gerita della Mara
Carolle Cox
Japanese Chin Rescue and Care Volunteer
Dallas North-west coordinator
The years that a woman subtracts from her age are not lost.  They are added
to the ages of other women.  -- Diane de Poitiers (1499 - 1566)

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And for those that respond...May I have permission to reprint in the

(Shire of Gate's Edge - newsletter is *Over the Edge*)

also Curious,

On 3/19/07, zubeydah at northkeep.org <zubeydah at northkeep.org> wrote:
> For those who have returned from war:
> What was the brightest moment of glory or joy that you 
> witnessed/participated in?  What 'made' your war?
> Curiously,
> Zubeydah

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