[Ansteorra] Armor inspections at Gulf Wars

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Thu Mar 22 07:25:08 PDT 2007

My husband was the one knocked unconcious for a bit, and yes, as soon as we got him off the field we drove into town. Yes, he did have a concussion, luckily it was minor and other than a few hours of his eyes not tracking, extreame sleepiness, and major ringing in his ears, there were no long term severe damages. We live in Trimaris now, but I still subscribe to this list because I used to live in Ansteorra and often like to hear whats going on with old friends. Trimaris also suffered a broken hand, the marshals inspected the gauntlet and determined it was not at fault. We also had several people continuosly hit after being on the ground on their back, to the point that they were unable to stand. Spearmen had spears broken while they were on the ground to keep them from being able to rejoin the battles. I want you all to understand, that even after my husband being given a concussion by a hit with excessive force, I still stood up for Ansteorrra as my old home, but I must say, that if what I saw this week at GW was less than normal to most of you, I am glad I moved to Trimaris. In the 5 years I have lived in Trimaris, the worst injury Ive seen come off the field was a broken tooth due to improper equipment.

We told the Ansteorran marshals that all we requested was that the gentleman who knocked Derek out find him during the week and apologize, we were given the option of asking that he be pulled from fighting for the week and felt that wasnt necessary. Unfortunantly, we were told the gentleman didnt feel the need to apologize. I also tracked down a few Ansteorrans I knew from my time in your Kingdom and was told that Derek and a few others were targeted because of their persona choice. I am truly shocked if that is the case, Derek wears Japanese armor, and the way his helm is designed, there are three overlapping layers of steel. I truly believe that if he had been wearing a conventional european helm, his injuries would have been far far worse. Those three layers of steel were dented in flat.

Once again, for the first time, I am truly glad to live in Trimaris, for I am overly embarrased to be a formar member of Ansteorra.


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