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As Willow has posed a few questions about the history of the Barony of Stargate, first in
Ansteorra, I did a bit of digging and found this 'Ballad of Stargate' that was sent to Maureen of
Westgate by a former Stargater, Terry Lambert(whose SCA name I unsure of).   

I admit I'm a bit confused by Terry's list of founders, as I thought Bran de Tintrek was one of
the founding members, but don't see his name on the list unless he went by a different name then,
will have to ask him.

I was also told years past by Bran, who was the first Stargate Herald, I believe; that the reason
we have a 9-pointed star is due to the nine founding members. Terry says "I don't know why T'Pell
didn't have her name on the ballad as a founding member".  Bran had told me that T'Pell would not
send in a paid-membership for whatever reason, so they could not count her as a founder tho they
tried to convince her to member-up; but if they had there would have been 10 members, and we would
have had a 10 pointed star.   

Bran also said the reason Stargate's device colors are black and white, was in part due to the
fact that color copiers were very expensive, not available to the common folk, so with our device
in black and white - toner worked just fine to make our newsletters and flyers heraldically
correct without having to add in colors.  

I hope you enjoy it and for those ole' timers the names will bring back memories, 
Hillary Greenslade (of Stargate) 

>>The Ballad of Stargate
>>by Deirdre du Clarik, O.L. (aka T'Pell Wilson)
>> From out of Scotland there arose
>>A race that wandered far and wide.
>>At last they crossed the ocean tide.
>>The bright, shining land there found they chose.
>>They bound up house and home and child
>>And set them on the burning beach.
>>"Brae land," they shouted, each to each,
>>And settled to tame that country wild.
>>But still the wand'ring blood was strong,
>>And doughty sons still roamed that land.
>>They built them homes on mud and sand,
>>Brought forth many sons.  Their lives ran long.
>>They wandered to the Southland flood
>>And fought for many foreign lords.
>>'Neath many banners lifted swords.
>>On alien soil they shed their blood.
>>But one refused to spill the blood.
>>He settled on the ocean strand.
>>He took a wife, and tilled the land.
>>She gave him a son, and it was good.
>>He took his son up by the hand
>>And led him to the shining sea.
>>He said, "Myrrdyn of Rhys ye be,
>>And soon ye must claim this lordly land."
>>Myrrdyn was sent into the North.
>>To Hyperborea came he.
>>But still he loved the Southland Sea,
>>And swear'd that he soon would journey forth.
>>He learned the laws and wizardry.
>>His teachers there were witch and mage.
>>Then when Myrrdyn had come of age
>>He left them to find the Southland Sea.
>>But when in Ustenton he came
>>He found no kin nor Scottish clan.
>>Barbarians roamed through that land
>>And none there had ken of Myrrdyn's name.
>>Then Myrrdyn found a doughty man,
>>Basilim of the Argus Eye.
>>He took Basilim to the sea
>>And showed him the silvern ocean strand.
>>Then spoke Myrrdyn, "This land is mine,
>>A good and fairly place to live.
>>To he who stands by Rhys I'll give
>>A portion of land, so rich and fine."
>>"I'll follow ye!" Basilim cried.
>>"But own me neither land nor gold.
>>I see ye are a leader bold
>>And I would fain battle at your side."
>>Basilim said, "To win this land,
>>We'll soon many trust men.
>>I go to seek a goodly friend,
>>You'll find him a stout and study man."
>>Basilim went and raised the call.
>>Then Antelais Anrelte' came.
>>"Good man," quoth Myrrdyn, "By my name
>>An ye stand with us, we cannot fall."
>>"I have but sword to offer ye,"
>>Quoth Antelais the son of stars,
>>"But I will follow Myrrdyn far,
>>And battle for Rhys of Southland Sea."
>>Then Myrrdyn blew his siller horn
>>And many goodly lords arose.
>>They vowed to battle Rhys's foes,
>>They swear'd it upon that siller morn.
>>Across the land he gave the call
>>And many gentle ladies came.
>>They vowed their faith in Myrrdyn's name,
>>They swear'd it in Rhys's ancient hall.
>>And of the ones that stood at hand,
>>Were artists, craftsmen, nobles all.
>>Among the throng stood Mallengahl,
>>And Sheridan of the Donnel clan.
>>And of the ones that gathered there
>>Were Shanahan, Vishaldyrne',
>>Tambrylin of the clan Shaunty,
>>And Alfyrhynn Taurdinen the Fair.
>>"Good folk!" cried Myrrdyn, "Ye shall be
>>My House, my own; this land is thine!
>>We'll build a house so fair and fine,
>>And rebuild the ancient Barony!"
>>"Myyrdyn, milord," quoth Antelais,
>>"What banner shall our castle fly?"
>>Quoth Basilim the Argus Eye,
>>"What standard shall grace our house this day?"
>>Then from the hall a voice was heard.
>>It spoke aloud in ancient tongue.
>>To myrrdyn's ear alone it sung,
>>And "Star Father blest" its only word.
>>"What voice is that?" Basilim cried.
>>The elf word sounded but once more,
>>And in a sob lamented sore.
>>"The Gate to the Stars," was all it sighed.
>>Then Myrrdyn lept unto the floor.
>>His eyes were lit with siller light.
>>He called into the darking night
>>"Oh, speak ye again, I'd fain hear more!"
>>But silence only answered him.
>>No more the elf voice raised its cry;
>>No more the haunted, sorrowed sigh
>>Came whispering out of shadows dim.
>>Basilim cried, "An omen, Sire!'
>>I know not whether ill or fair,
>>That cut across the darkling air
>>And rippled the night with breath of fire."
>>The night still waited dark and dim,
>>As silence follows whispered doom,
>>And wraith-like falls upon the room.
>>Theh Myrrdyn bestirred, and called to them.
>>"My people," said the Baron young,
>>"I cannot ken this fateful word,
>>The message dire or dear we heard,
>>This spoken in ancient foreign tongue,
>>"But I shall claim this word to me,
>>And call it omen filled with light.
>>One silvered word upon the night;
>>A star-crested banner it shall be."
>>Then Sheridan O'Donnel stood;
>>A pennant black she gave to him,
>>A-set upon a willow slim,
>>And standard on sturdy staff of wood.
>>"A silvered star shall be my crest,"
>>Quoth Myrrdyn to those waiting there.
>>"The word that ripped the evening air
>>Bespoke only this: 'Star Father blest.'
>>"The second word that came to me
>>In elven voice from long and far
>>Said only 'Gateway to the Stars,'
>>And 'Stargate' shall name our Barony."
>>Then did the noble throng arise
>>And raise the cup unto the name,
>>And thus Stargate to being came,
>>A star bright upon the sable skies.
>>I'm a little sketchy on the original nine members too because several
>>people (Mistress Arlene the Soothsayer and Sir Tarl Mapt--1st knight in
>>Stargate-- in particular) joined shortly afterwards, but here are the
>>names from the ballad.
>>1. Myrrdyn of Rhys -- first Baron of Stargate
>>2. Basilim of the Argus Eye
>>3. Antelais Anrelte'
>>4. Mallengahl
>>5. Sheridan O'Donnel
>>6. Shanahan Stormbearer
>>7. Vishaldyrne'
>>8. Tambrylin Shaunty
>>9. Alfyrhynn Taurdinen the Fair
>>I don't know why T'Pell didn't have her name on the ballad as a founding
>>member, but the founding members may have been the people at the first
>>meeting. Does someone have the original document that was signed?
>>Ask Bran (de Amtrak) if he thinks these names are correct.
>>As I recall, Stargate was named that because of NASA and UH and Rice
>>Have a great weekend.

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