[Ansteorra] Ansteorra Digest, Vol 11, Issue 37

djmccreary at peoplepc.com djmccreary at peoplepc.com
Thu Mar 22 09:38:32 PDT 2007

I wanted to mention that I did not mean to make it sound as it were all the 
fault of Ansteorra. We were on an Ansteorra list so I mentioned it directly. 
I did believe this war was a little over the top from all directions. My 
personal problem was not that "Ansteorrans hit too hard" it had more to do 
with the attitude we recieved after the injury. I understand that different 
kingdoms have different styles and calibrations of fighting, I also 
understand that what is sometimes seen as refulsal to take a blow is often 
large amounts of adrenaline causing that blow to be overlooked. I fight 
heavy myself, I truly understand. I do however think that rampant amounts of 
rumor and speculation that "so and so wont take hits" and "they use 
excessive force" on both sides, caused everyone to instead of dealing with 
the issue, just automatically calibrate up to a harder and harder blow, so 
that by the end of the week, I think there were people on both sides gunning 
for each other. Derek is actually a member of House Takamatsu from Trimaris, 
not Clan Hanashi, but the two households did train together and fight 
together as one unit for most of the week. Clan Hanashi is also a fighting 
unit from Trimaris, although they have members in several households. 
Trimarians do try to keep blow calibrations down, although I would not go so 
far as to call us a touch kill kingdom. We had several of our front line 
fighters hit rather hard from behind by our own allies the adrenaline was so 
high in some battles!  I did hear many of the same grumbles about the 
Japanese spear fighters. I actually smiled when I heard them at first. I 
have spent time with both of those households and to hear that we "struck 
fear in the hearts of our enemies" after just a few battles was 
heartwarming. I love hearing that our fighters are respected on the field to 
the point that others often dont wish to stand face to face with them on the 
line. Unfortunantly, towards the end of the week, those grumbles turned into 
down right vengeful mutterings.


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