[Ansteorra] Apology

Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace sirlyonel at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 22 12:22:01 PDT 2007

Salut cozyns,

You can, I promise, bank on the sincerity and honesty of Laszlo's apology 
and report. I know Laszlo as a comrade in arms and as a member of the 
Ansteorran Kingdom Marshallate rules revision committee. Laszlo is an 
honorable and safety-conscious warrior and an all-around likeable gentleman.

I believe Duke Hoegaarden, Sir Gideon, and Sir Giotto will gladly affirm 
this testament.

I hope Derek suffers no lasting effects from this trauma.

lo vostre per vos servir
Meser Lyonel Oliver Grace, Baro, OP
Impedimentum via est
(The obstacle is the path)

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>Subject: [Ansteorra] Apology
>Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 10:53:58 -0700 (PDT)
>This is in regard to the fighter who was knocked
>unconscious in the ravine battle at Gulf War.  To the
>best of my knowledge, I am the fighter who struck the
>blow that injured your husband.  I qualify that for
>reasons that I will explain later in this missive.
>Before saying anything else, I wish to apologize for
>the force of my blow and any difficulties, or
>deprivation of enjoyment, that this caused him.
>I was fighting using an unpadded glaive right hand
>forward.  I was wearing a red leather lurica, leather
>skirt and green helm.  Your husband was fighting from
>his knees with a spear obliquely to my right.  I had
>been trying to get a shot on him for some time which,
>due to his skill, proved to be very difficult.  I
>waited for him to throw a shot, stepped in, laid my
>glaive on top of his spear preventing him from
>blocking my shot, and rotated my hips bringing the
>glaive through about 20 degrees of rotation into his
>head.  He began leaning forward as I made the shot,
>and turned his head toward me, so my perception was
>that the shot landed about on his left ear or a little
>forward of it.  At the time, I felt that the shot was
>solid, probably a little harder than I would have
>liked, but I did not think it was excessive.  He
>appeared to acknowledge my shot and I turned to fight
>elsewhere.  Within a few seconds a hold was called
>(for a loose piece of armor, I don't think most of us
>where aware of your husbands injury at the time).
>After the hold was called, I saw your husband lying on
>the ground, with people standing over him calling for
>a chirurgeon.  As soon as the chirurgeons were
>treating him, and a marshall was available I made it
>known to the marshall that I had thrown thrown the
>shot, and asked about your husbands condition.  I was
>greatly relieved when your husband was able to stand.
>I apologized to him then and accepted his criticism
>with only the comment that I did not think I had hit
>him that hard and a further apology.
>After the battle I did attempt to find out who your
>husband was so that I could speak to him directly.
>Several people assured me that he was fine and not to
>worry about it.  I now regret that I did not pursue
>the matter to the full extent of my ability to do so.
>At no time did anyone inform me that your husband
>wished to speak to me, or I surely would have sought
>him out.  I was never contacted by any marshall, or
>anyone else for that matter, to follow up the
>  I did learn that the lames of his helmet were
>crushed, which I don't really understand, I can't for
>the life of me imagine how I could have hit him in the
>back of the head.  It is possible that there was
>another shot that I did not see which caused this
>damage, but having seen no such shot, I cannot assume
>that there was one.
>As for the other things that you mention, I hope that
>they are not true.  I fought the Japanese spear groups
>on several occassions, including the 50 on 50 melee
>and in the fort battle.  I found them to be very
>effective spearmen, and saw no unreasonable blow
>calling from them.  I heard nothing of any attempt to
>target them for injury, and would be shocked to learn
>of any such targeting occuring on any SCA combat field
>against anyone for any reason.  I have never thrown a
>blow intended to cause injury, and would not hesitate
>to report to the marshalls any incident of another
>fighter doing so.  Such an action would be just cause
>to remove a fighters authorization at a minimum.
>Likewise, I am unaware of any attempts to break
>spears, and find the idea of doing so entirely
>contrary to the ideals we value in the SCA.
>I am deeply saddened to see you say that you are
>ashamed of Ansteorra.  I hope that this will help you
>feel better about us.  As a former Trimaran, I take
>great pride in the accomplishments, honor, and
>courtesy of both of my homes.
>I would ask that you pass this on to your husband, and
>if he wishes, I will be glad to contact him in any
>form he desires to make my feeling clear.  I am glad
>that his injury is no worse than it is.  If I may be
>of further service to either of you, please let me
>know how it may be done.
>Ld. Fatthiopap Laszlo
>known also as
>Ld. Laszlo Nemanzelsky
>formerly known in Trimaris as
>Omar the Goatherd
>mka  Robert A. Segrest
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