[Ansteorra] Ansteorra Digest, Vol 11, Issue 37

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When Derek was brought up to the point, carried by several trimarian 
fighters who had been near him, he was still out of it to the point I had to 
give the Chiurgens his personal info. According to a knight who had been 
near them, the only thing the Ansteorran fighter had said was "was that a 
good hit?" I have no doubt that the fighter may actually have apologized 
while still on the field, for Derek wasnt truly "all there" for several 
hours after the battle. It just would have been nice for him to find us 
personally. I know one of our Youth fighters from trimaris was accused of 
hitting too hard, and he was sent down that evening to find his opponent and 


> The Glenn Abhenn Earl Marshal, Sir Rey, sent me this:
> "I was standing over near the guy when he got knocked out.  It was 
> excessive
> but the guy was mortafied and appologized to him then and to the marshals.
> The guy was a little out of it still but was standing on his own two feet
> when the guy appologized and he did answer him."
> I was fighting up on the left side of the hill when this happened, and
> remember the injury.  It was *very* scary to watch, as we saw that the
> fighter was down and not moving.  I'm glad to hear that he is relatively 
> ok,
> and like the fighter, very mortified that he was hit that hard.
> Now, I had the opportunity to fight against a good size unit of Japanese
> guys in the "Battle of the 50" as well as the ravine battle, and can 
> pretty
> well verify that the gist was "stab the japanese quick, cause they are 
> good
> spear men" not "beat them up for not being Western European".
> I save that behavior for my former squire brother, Yoshii :)
> Sieur Jean Paul de Sens

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