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That  "directed touch" statement is read by some to mean any deliberate shot 
to  the face that touches the grill. In accordance with the standards,  
however, a thrust to the face that just reaches far enough to tough the  
grill without being hard enough to impart any momentum to the recipient's  
helm is a thrust that never would have reached the face if the grill had  not 
been present. I don't know what your knight had in mind, Bors, but I  teach 
my squires to take shots according to the armor standard.

En  Lyonel

I am not familiar with the drape concept and was told  it was an open  faced 
helm- period.  I agree that all touches to the face are not  "kill" shots but 
I would much rather error on the side of calling a face shot  light weather it 
be a sword or spear than be known as a "Rhino". ( Not that  I call calling 
you a rhino- I have heard nothing but good about you)   Back in my younger days, 
I have had fighters not call what I would  consider a kill to the face with 
my sword and ignore the blow.   The next time  I placed a shot there ( being a 
lefty, it's my favorite  shot) I made dang sure that the fighter had no 
questions about calling it, but I  always regretted have to crank it up to do so.  
Guess that one of the  reasons I never made knight.
Baron Loch  Soillier
Maillet d'un Dieu

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