[Ansteorra] Apology

Paul Foster sir.rhodri at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 11:11:02 PDT 2007

I was the marshall who reached him first during the battle and inspected his
helm after the battle.  The lames down the neck were not crushed, they were
intact and undamaged.  The helmet showed tape marks which matched the color
of the glaive and a slight dent which may or may not have been there
before.  The impact appeared to have been squarely on the main body towards
the rear of the helm.  The helmet was very sturdy, well padded and showed no
evidence of failure or major damage and was judged not to be a contributing
factor to the incident.  The helmet was inspected with me by a marshall from
Trimaris, Sir Ray.

> I did learn that the lames of his helmet were
> crushed, which I don't really understand, I can't for
> the life of me imagine how I could have hit him in the
> back of the head.  It is possible that there was
> another shot that I did not see which caused this
> damage, but having seen no such shot, I cannot assume
> that there was one.
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