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Sat Mar 24 16:39:09 PDT 2007

As society gets increasing in years, we may consider handicap accessiblity and electricity rich camping to facilitate the needs of its populous. A section were electricity is available to those that require it ie. the use of a nebulizer, oxygebn concentrators ( away from fires ), cpap machines, and scooter charging. 
I know at chirurgeon's point at Gulf Wars we offer electricity for the use of charging scooters and a place of privacy for the self administering use of nebulizers in the past. I know the war staff tries to offer a few camping sites located close to electricity for Cpap machines but can not guarantee some idiot wouldn't come along and unplug you to make coffee. Don't laugh, its happened.
 I personally do not think the use of necessary devices to facilitate you participating in society detracts from the event but enhances it. Not knowing your limitations and refusing to use medically necessary equipment is this chirurgeon's worst nightmare! Imagine everyone forgot their nebulizers and cpap machines.... the ambulance and first responders vehicles are clogging the streets to get in and find your camp. Sirens in the distance go on through the night. Hummm .. the cpap machine noise suddenly becomes a sweet humm in comparision doesn't it?
In service,
HL Caley
Deputy Kingdom Chirurgeon of Training
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