[Ansteorra] SCA, the ADA, and all of us

Monica Riney monicariney at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 25 08:45:55 PDT 2007

There has been many good points made with this thread.  Thank you Master Pug 
for giving us the nitty gritty.  When it comes to ADA there are many of us 
that feel very strongly about it.  I am a mother of a young lady that is 
confined to a wheelchair.  This is a topic very near and dear to my heart. 
We try our best to scope out a site to see what type of aid we have to give 
her.  There are certain sites that she just can't go to.  This is the same 
no matter where we go, ie: shopping malls, fishing docks, resturants, parks, 

The ADA started at a point in time.  There are exceptions and exemptions. 
That is just how it is.  In a perfect world everything would have ADA 
compliance.  All new facilities must be in compliance with the Act.  Even at 
that, they are limited.  Those of us who live with the needs of a disabled 
family member or friend are quite aware of this.  I, personally, do not feel 
that I must make everyone comply with the AD Act.

As stated, it is nice for people to look out for our disabled members.  I 
know that it is one of the things that the Barony of Elfsea looks at.  We 
have several members of our populace that are in wheelchairs.  But at the 
same time, we really like the ambiance that a primitive site can give.  It 
is all give and take and we all pitch in to help those of us that need help.

Just my .02 cents,


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