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Sun Mar 25 09:14:50 PDT 2007

Greetings to the list,

I have been folowing this thread, and while I can see both sides of the
coin...we need to stop the bickering and see what we can do on the positive
side of this issue.

I have been playing for a long time, and I agree that most of us aren't
getting any younger ( ok how old do we have to be to start counting
backwards here? ) and I also agree that we need to look for sites to
include, rather than exclude  those with disabilities. I may not have some
of the more serious health problems that some of our members  have, but
having had a total knee replacement, I can appreciate the difficulties in
getting around.

Also having lived in the desert, I can appreciate the need for showers,
especially in hotter weather, to assist in preventing heat exhaustion, not
just for the fighters, but for others who may not realize they are getting
overheated until too late. Not to mention that they are just plain nice to
have :)

And face it, flushies are just plain nice to have, especially late at night
on a saturday after the drinkers have been in the privies...

At the same time, I can also appreciate the ambiance of not having these
modern convienences..it does help us to "play the game " better without the
modern reminders.

But personally, I would far rather have some of those "modern reminders" for
that type of reason, than to see someone in beautiful garb, walking around
chatting on a cell phone, or to overhear a conversation about video games,
computers and the latest doo dad on someones car. Face it...we have gone way
past people even attempting to stay in persona  and when you do see someone
stay in persona it is very rare.

I have seen the complaints about people not using period tents, or period
covers on coolers...or jjeans tennis shoes and t tunics. Have we forgotten
the origins of the SCA? Many people can't afford to go out and spend 4 or 5
thousand dollars on a period pavillion, or garb right away...and many might
not want to spend a lot on garb for something they may decide isn't for

We pressure our newcomers about what they have or don't have, or what they
are wearing, instead of using the chivalry we are supposed to be espousing,
and so we frighten them off. We post threads such as this to the list, which
cause hurt feelings and a feeling of inadequecy to those who are unable to
use more primitive sites, rather than looking for solutions which every one
( or at least most of us) can be happy with.

OK time to get off my soapbox now...this is just my 2 shekels worth here
Yours in Service
Rebbe Hadassah bas Yossi

On 3/25/07, Monica Riney <monicariney at earthlink.net> wrote:
> There has been many good points made with this thread.  Thank you Master
> Pug
> for giving us the nitty gritty.  When it comes to ADA there are many of us
> that feel very strongly about it.  I am a mother of a young lady that is
> confined to a wheelchair.  This is a topic very near and dear to my heart.
> We try our best to scope out a site to see what type of aid we have to
> give
> her.  There are certain sites that she just can't go to.  This is the same
> no matter where we go, ie: shopping malls, fishing docks, resturants,
> parks,
> etc.
> The ADA started at a point in time.  There are exceptions and exemptions.
> That is just how it is.  In a perfect world everything would have ADA
> compliance.  All new facilities must be in compliance with the Act.  Even
> at
> that, they are limited.  Those of us who live with the needs of a disabled
> family member or friend are quite aware of this.  I, personally, do not
> feel
> that I must make everyone comply with the AD Act.
> As stated, it is nice for people to look out for our disabled members.  I
> know that it is one of the things that the Barony of Elfsea looks at.  We
> have several members of our populace that are in wheelchairs.  But at the
> same time, we really like the ambiance that a primitive site can give.  It
> is all give and take and we all pitch in to help those of us that need
> help.
> Just my .02 cents,
> Rosalia
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