[Ansteorra] Gulf Wars Profits was Re: New Trend flyer apology

Ceallach mac Donal ceallach at dwarfworks.com
Sun Mar 25 09:55:32 PDT 2007

Personally I'm curious as to how the site was not generally accessible.
There was a handicapped camping area with electricity access & handicapped
accessible porta potties.  The streets were well over 36" wide ;-}
Were there no handicap accessible showers?  What was the problem?

Just curious,
Ceallach mac Donal

On 3/25/07, Chass <charinthalis at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Because he is not renting the site for free. Simply put the law is the
> law and he should comply. The A.D.A. has been in effect for over 16
> years. If he is going to open the site to use it should be accessible.
> Chass Brown A.K.A.
> Charinthalis Del Sans of the portable chariot.
> Honorable Recruiter of the House of the Red Shark.
> Muddeler of Mead

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