[Ansteorra] SCA, the ADA, and all of us

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In North Texas I have had similar cast for handicap units ($75).. the 
problem with renting _all_ handicap units is simple, sanitation companies 
don't keep that many on hand. In fact I have had a problem as an event 
steward once in which the sanitation company only kept on  on hand and the 
week it was supposed to come to my event, heavy rains stranded it at a 
location and the sanitation companies truck couldn't get to it. Thankfully 
there were accessible restrooms on the site so though it was very very 
inconvenient for my step daughter and others who attended the event with 
needs for such things, it was far from impossible. Reasonable accommodation 
for facilities was still provided.

This is an important point. "Equal access" does not correspond to "exact 
same access" the words we most commonly need to consider are "reasonable 
accommodation" This statement is a byword of ADA inspections on state and 
federal properties and is taken from the text of the ADA. Reasonable 
accommodation is looked at before undue hardships and costs (which are not 
identical items) are even considered for evaluation.

I have been traveling around this kingdom for 11 years now with a 
handicapped child who has used both a manual chair and a power chair. we go 
to Camp Cimarron regularly and Debbie often goes with us. I have myself  in 
the past had severe back problems, that before surgery, greatly limited my 
mobility. We have  traveled to many of these same sites. I have rarely found 
the sites completely inaccessible and never found the people running the SCA 
events to be unwilling to make every effort to provide me or my daughter 
with "reasonable accommodation" Especially since we are talking about going 

Please let us remember that we are staying in tents (both period and modern) 
most of which are not terribly accessible (that lip across the bottom where 
the door zips shut on a nylon tent is a real pain) We show up and arrange 
for a tent to be put up and find ways of making it accessible to us because 
we _want_ to be at that event. We find ways to participate in activities 
instead of expecting ways to be provided to us.

In faith
Darius of the Bells

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> for fall court we got them in rockwall, near to the site...they were $64 
> for
> the regular, and 74 for the handicapped
> Hadassah
> ( i will see if i can find the number for you)
> On 3/25/07, Melissa Baxter <mbaxter66 at satx.rr.com> wrote:
>> I'd like to know who and where your supplier is.  My budget could
>> definitely
>> use them.  Here in Bjornsborg we are paying $81 per "regular" privy and
>> $150
>> per handicapped.  That's almost twice the cost per unit.
>> Branwen le Baxtere
>> Event Steward Festival of Fools
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>> By the Way..one more point...
>> I am all for having only the large "handicapped privies"...snip... So for
>> the convienence of all, wh not spend the extra $10.00 each and only get
>> the
>> ones that are handiacapped accessable.
>> ..snip...
>> YIS
>> Hadassah
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