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    Ok you want to do a little math here we go (by the way Gravel is
considered a nonskid pathway). Let's use your estimate for gravel $2000
per mile. At 3 miles is $6000, lets add another $1000 because every so
far they have to have a 6 foot turn around spot, $7000, Divided up
between 15 years = $466 per year and its able to used as a tax write off
in most cases. Its not like they have not had time to use funds to make
the changes. Places have used this kind of defense all along and SCOTUS
slaps them down saying if you had spread it out over the years given to
date it wouldn't have cost this much. Again there is tons of supporting
case law on this. Now having said that... did you forget merchants in
your quotes there for their profit? Or their on site store?  Why fight
so hard against what is right and legal? Most people would drop it if
sites like Gulf would start making changes. 

     Ok let me give you an example... Would you attend a SCA group
function that was intentionally making it hard on a race/sex of people?
I would hope not, for I wouldn't. So why chose a site you know will stop
handicapped people or mobility impaired people from coming? Is is
basically the same thing. It's not just the law it is the Moral thing to
do is to find sites.

Chass Brown A.K.A. 

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Chass wrote:

>I recant ok... He is making a reasonable (read good here) profit how is
>that? Now that we are done splitting hairs on that one statement can we
>get back to the meat of the original discussion? Like why has he not
>bothered to update the site with non-skid pathways so people don't get
>Chass Brown A.K.A. 
>Charinthalis Del Sans of the portable chariot. 
>Honorable Recruiter of the House of the Red Shark.
>Muddeler of Mead
Let's do some math:
$50*3000= $150,000
SCA direct expenses, direct costs to King's Arrow, profit to sponsoring 
group, amortised costs to King's Arrow facility,  taxes, etc.
Profit  margin of 5%  to King's Arrow ( my estimate is on the high side,

probably closer to 2 % of gate, but we'll go with 5%)
Non skid pathways,4' wide, properly mounded gravel, $2000 per mile
Same in asphalt   $3500 per mile
Same in simple concrete   $4000 per mile
Same in nicely patterned simulated cobblestone/paving blocks  concrete  
$6000 per mile

Miles of pathways needed go from major camping areas to list fields, 
barns, merchants row, etc., minimum of 3 miles, up to
3 times that to run paths to all camping areas.

Minimum $6000, up to $72,000.

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