[Ansteorra] regarding improvements to Gulf War site

Faelan Caimbeul faelancaimbeul at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 11:43:09 PDT 2007

It can be done, BUT

We should have a looooong term agreement to get use of the site. I heard
that Border March basically has a 99 year lease on their castle's land so
that they can use it every year. Pensic, likewise. There are legal
protections in place so that we don't spend all this money and they get
shafted. These securities need to be in place before we bother raising money
for something we can't do. Of course, it could be used for other things.

Forget it, go raise money, we can always find a use for it, but we need to
protect the Kingdom from loosing the investment of our people.

Other than that I think it's a great idea, but when would the improvements
be made, during war? Would we have a working party there to do it for us,


On 3/26/07, Chass <charinthalis at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> See a reasonable solution. Don't know how that could be handled because
> isn't there a rule in the SCA about monies going into the improvement of
> land not owned by the SCA? Well unless it is held by someone who is not
> a treasurer or etc right? This is a valid idea and thank you hun.
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> This may be an entirely silly idea, but...
> Perhaps it would be worth inquiring/determining what **actual** costs
> involved
> in improving the Ansteorran section of the Gulf War site might be, to
> make it
> ADA compliant. Then, with that goal in mind, ask each group in the
> Kingdom to
> hold some sort of raffle or other fundraising during the next year, to
> help
> share the cost across the Kingdom? Perhaps extend the challenge to the
> other
> primary GW Kingdoms? This would assist the site to become compliant, and
> the
> owners might more easily be able to manage the remainder, if the
> individual
> kingdoms improved their areas...
> - Zubeydah
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