[Ansteorra] New Trend flyer apology

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     When I Call the sites after posting them and always hear "No one
from the SCA has called us and asked about our sites" and this was from
everyone on the list I gave except the church camp, I begin to wonder. I
have checked each time I have given the list out to someone, multiple
tries. Yes you did use lake Murrey but you used the small site and it's
the worst one. I know this my wife grew up there and is quite familiar
with all 3 camp sites. Yes you are actively trying to find sites that
are more accommodating and I am generalizing. I will also say Baron Ian
is talking with me about this offlist. I would one day love to attend
Gulf. I would love one day to ask for a reasonable accommodation and not
be treated like I am asking for a special treat/favor. I do travel with
friends and I count you Duncan (who is not spelled Duncan) and Ian
amongst those friends. No my complaint is not only about Cimarron. 

Chass Brown A.K.A. 

Charinthalis Del Sans of the portable chariot. 

Honorable Recruiter of the House of the Red Shark.

Muddeler of Mead

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Chass my friend,

You continue to say that none of the sites on your list have ever been 
inspected for use or followed up on, but this is not true.  In fact we 
have actually held events at some of these sites.  I listed the sites 
you sent me below.

Lake Eufaula State Park (SP)
Arrowhead State Park (SP)
Lake Wister State Park (SP)
Robbers Cave State Park (SP)
Lake Murray State Park (SP)
Black Mesa State Park & Nature Preserve (SP)
Boiling Springs State Park (SP)
Roman Nose Resort Park (SP)

Of those sites I know that we (the groups in the Northern Region) have 
actually held events at both Roman Nose and Lake Murray.  In fact we 
used Lake Murray at the Beltane my Lady and I autocrated a couple of 
years ago.  For this year's Beltane, we are using Will Rodgers Boy Scout

Camp, which has electric and Handicap accessible facilities.  We are not

the only group that uses this camp.  From what I can tell, your main 
complaint seems to be with Camp Cimarron, but most of the groups have 
stopped using it except as a last resort.  My main problem with your 
statement is that it implies that no one is doing anything to find 
better sites, when in fact, we have a number of people doing just that 
and we are USING those sites.  I hope that you will take a moment to 
recognize the work that IS being done to find better sites and the fact 
that groups are using them.

In Service,
Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair
Baron of Namron

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