[Ansteorra] New Trend flyer apology

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>      Actually here in the Northern Region I have given a list of Handicapped
> accessible sites to almost all the groups. These are approved and inspected
> A.D.A. Compliant sites. Most are cheaper, better condition and allow more
> than the sites still used today. Guess what, not a single site I have listed
> has ever been inspected for use, followed up for use or used. Its not that
> its lack of sites its lack of drive and want to... it's the "Well we have
> used this site for forever and no one has said anything" mentality.
> Chass Brown A.K.A. 

While I don't doubt that your list of sites is a good one, but there is an added issue of getting
the approved site to accept the SCA for an event.  There are many state park, scout and church
camp sites that the SCA has attempted to rent, to find that the committee/board of those site is
just a bit unsure of this SCA group, and they refuse us rental for an event, as is their right. 
Finding a list of valid sites is one thing, actually getting accepted to use them is another.  

I wonder if the event announcements should include a statement on the event flyer that indicates
the site is 'ADA Compliant' would be a way to advise those who need to know that this site works
for them, verses that the site is some back-cow-pasture primative site.  While it may not be
possible for ALL sites for events to be compliant, we can certainly make an effort to advise when
one is accessible on event announcements.  

Regards, Hillary

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