[Ansteorra] Hancock's closing select locations

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 26 15:54:36 PDT 2007

Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2007 14:56:49 -0500
From: "Chiara Francesca" <chiara.francesca at gmail.com>
Subject: [Ansteorra] Hancock's closing select locations
To: "Kingdom of Ansteorra - SCA, Inc." <ansteorra at lists.ansteorra.org>

>On the heels of Walmart's recent announcement of closing down their fabric 
>departments comes more fabric store closing news. Over the last week I have 
>noticed postings about Hancock's store closings.
>Chiara Francesca 

I suspect our lifestyles have changed so much that fewer folks are creating handmade garments any
more, it's easier to buy the less expensive import clothing.  I find few non-SCA fields that know
how to sew little more than replacing a button.  It's a shame really.  Though being a
seamstress/tailor could be a hot job in future. 

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