[Ansteorra] Youth Boffer at Steppes Warlord

DonnelShaw at aol.com DonnelShaw at aol.com
Wed May 2 16:18:38 PDT 2007

Steppes Warlord is getting closer and yes it will be time for the boffer  
tournaments. What makes it special do you ask??? 
This year we will have the Children's Boffer Champion (ages 6-9), Youth  
Boffer Champion ( ages 10-12), Teen Boffer Champion (ages 13-15) and Youth  
Chavalric Champion (ages 16-17). 
We will also have youth missile combat. SHHHHHHHH for those who don't know  
that means a water balloon fight. (I have had extra bags of balloons donated) I 
 am looking for older teens to help marshal this combat activity. 
So all those out there make sure your cards are current and bring your  
parents so we can have some fun!!!!
In remembering the past don't forget our future. 
HL Maili  Donnel MacGregor

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