[Ansteorra] Talking in court

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Hey now... I have had Baronial Guard come to my camp to "Drag" me to
court lol. (all in good humor mind you).

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People also forget that no-one forces them to attend court. The King
not send the royal guard out and have you thrown in the stocks because
know you're not getting an award and you'd rather stay outside chatting
your friends.

Personally, I would really appreciate the ones that don't want to be
there (
i.e. the people yacking away) just don't attend. Go to your tents, your
or even the parking lot and chat away all you like. That way you're not
being extremely rude to everyone else. If you're going to attend, then
quietly and pay attention for everyone's sakes. The one exception I
make is like Hadassah said, Master Robin quietly explained what's going
This is perfectly acceptable if you know how to do it. Imagine you're in
church, and act accordingly.

I can tell you from working the other side as a herald, it's just as
frustrating for the royals, heralds, and everyone actually doing the
to have to try and talk over the masses of chatterers, even in the back
the room, that drown us out more than 10 feet away. This is especially
inside where the dull roar tends to be amplified. Strained vocal cords
very common because of this and I have known people that couldn't talk
days afterward.

So please, I beg everyone, remember your manners and be respectful of
going on and to the people involved and those that want to attend.


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