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Hey, I didn't say if you had a price on your head they wouldn't come looking
. . . lol ;-)


On 5/1/07, Chass <charinthalis at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Hey now... I have had Baronial Guard come to my camp to "Drag" me to
> court lol. (all in good humor mind you).
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> People also forget that no-one forces them to attend court. The King
> will
> not send the royal guard out and have you thrown in the stocks because
> you
> know you're not getting an award and you'd rather stay outside chatting
> with
> your friends.
> Personally, I would really appreciate the ones that don't want to be
> there (
> i.e. the people yacking away) just don't attend. Go to your tents, your
> cars
> or even the parking lot and chat away all you like. That way you're not
> being extremely rude to everyone else. If you're going to attend, then
> sit
> quietly and pay attention for everyone's sakes. The one exception I
> would
> make is like Hadassah said, Master Robin quietly explained what's going
> on.
> This is perfectly acceptable if you know how to do it. Imagine you're in
> church, and act accordingly.
> I can tell you from working the other side as a herald, it's just as
> frustrating for the royals, heralds, and everyone actually doing the
> court
> to have to try and talk over the masses of chatterers, even in the back
> of
> the room, that drown us out more than 10 feet away. This is especially
> bad
> inside where the dull roar tends to be amplified. Strained vocal cords
> are
> very common because of this and I have known people that couldn't talk
> for
> days afterward.
> So please, I beg everyone, remember your manners and be respectful of
> what's
> going on and to the people involved and those that want to attend.
> Faelan
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