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>Sadly, that's been all over the news this  week

As  I recall, from discussions of this issue on the Rialto, back when 
the  story first broke, the actual assaults happened at non-SCA 
events; the  predator just used the SCA as his "hunting ground" as it were.

Reading  through the news article, it appers to *me* that the parents 
are suing the  SCA because it's got deeper pockets than the 
predator--sort of like suing  the gun manufacturer because you got 
shot by a robber--rather than  accepting the fact that both they and 
the SCA were duped by this predator.  Looking at the website of the 
law firm that is representing the abused  kids, the phrase "ambulance 
chasers" keeps coming to mind.

-Tivar Moondragon

It is very sad but please remember that here in Ansteorra that we have  built 
into our programs the idea that parents are to be an active part of  the 
program. The MOC programs asks that parents also sign up and give part of  their 
day to help supervise and or instruct the activities their child attends.  In 
Youth Combat heavy and light it is required that a parent or an  appointed 
adult with all appropriate paperwork with them from the parent is with  that 
child. In children's archery they must have a parent with them to  participate as 
This was designed with great care and thought because most of those  working 
on these programs have worked with children for years and understand  about 
the importance of safety with our children. If we have the parents right  there 
it not only fosters that bond between the parent and child it also gives  an 
extra layer of safety to the program and insures that the parent is actively  
monitoring the situation and the safely of their own child as well as the other 
I would encourage all to continue to support your children in their  
activities and find renewed determinations be there for them. 
In remembering the past don't forget the future.
HL Maili  Donnel MacGregor

Faith is believing what the eyes cannot see. ~~~~Michael  of Langley

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