[Ansteorra] Fw: [Burkhaven] bad stuff here in the east

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Another article said these children spent the night at his house.  Much as I 
love the friends I have made in the SCA, I am pretty particular where my 
kids spend the night.

As far as SCA activities, I have always camped with my children and family, 
and at youth activities there is always more than one adult.  And they are 
in the open, during the day at scheduled events.  I also thought that any 
SCA "sanctioned" event could not be at a personal residence.  I guess I am 
hard pressed to see where this is the SCA's fault.  Back ground checks could 
help, as a Den Mother in the Boy Scouts we had to have them, but it is still 
a parent's responsibility to see to their children.  And there are very few 
people I trust with something so precious as my boys. Don't get me wrong, I 
am really sorry for what these kids went through,and I pray nothing like 
this ever happens to mine or anyone I know.

Maybe I just think differently, but I know where my kids are, and it is not 
spending the night at a single man's house.


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> > Reading through the news article, it appears to *me* that the parents
> > are suing the SCA because it's got deeper pockets than the
> > predator--sort of like suing the gun manufacturer because you got
> > shot by a robber--rather than accepting the fact that both they and
> > the SCA were duped by this predator. Looking at the website of the
> > law firm that is representing the abused kids, the phrase "ambulance
> > chasers" keeps coming to mind.
> >
>I am in concurrence with this.
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