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Sun May 13 07:00:44 PDT 2007

Would someone PLEASE tell me....What does a Raper look like ???
   Do they have long hair ? Shot hair ...Do they drink or are they tea-toter's..do they wear hoods or blue jeans...
   How do you really know??? 
   I read, blame the S.C.A.... blame the parents.... blame every single "man" out there. And what about single women ? Look at some of the Teachers that have gone to jail. Or even anyone "single".... Being single does not make you a raper nor does the cover of being with the S.C.A. or married,..etc.
   Anyone who rapes is not in the open for everyone to see....They hide it in every form one can find to hide this horrible thing . Good person, bad person , Preacher, Teacher, Doctor, Lawyer , Indian Chief....come on people....they're out there ...looking
   If we knew what a raper looked like ...no one would go around them. One of the things we can "never" do is to put a raper into the "One type of person"... They are out there and You just never know ,until it happens . That's why we must all be careful ...and with the children ,extra careful..
   Just My Two Cents,

David Backlin <edrei at smythkepe.org> wrote:
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> What is wrong with being a single man? Does this automatically make me a
> child molester? Really?

In some people's eyes, yes. It has happened to me.

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