[Ansteorra] Fw: [Burkhaven] bad stuff here in the east

Chelsea Durham baby_sis_83 at hotmail.com
Sun May 13 08:38:29 PDT 2007

A couple of theories come to my mind when I think of this. First, this 
happened in the kingdom of the East. It's unfair to compare their MOC 
activies with ours, as I'm sure there are differences.
Second, these parents are likely, (like most people said) hurt and lashing 
out. On the other hand, they might be mad at themselves for letting it 
happen because they didn't supervise their children well enough, and are now 
wanting to blame someone besides themselves... so again, hurt and lashing 
Last, these are theories, and nothing has been proven. There are many 
questions left unanswered that many people have already asked, and will ask. 
I don't think we can draw a well thought out conclusion without more of the 
story, and to do that, we'd have to be present in the courtroom during the 

Not looking to be flamed,

-Lady Grainne Kathleen NicPadraig MacDaniel
None is deceived but he who trusts too much.

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