[Ansteorra] Bad news from the East

Troop0341 at aol.com Troop0341 at aol.com
Sun May 13 08:48:34 PDT 2007

Greets to All,
      I have been reading about this lawsuit on  here and in other lists and 
one fact seems to be lost on all...  the  molester was convicted in 2004 - 
plead guilty...   and yet the lawsuit  against the SCA was only filed on the 9th 
of May 2007...   does anyone  else find this just alittle strange if it is the 
intend of the lawyer to  "protect the rights" of the victims?  Should this 
not have been done within  a timely manner?  If this had been my kids,  the 
molester, his family  (as it was in their home) and the group involved would be 
getting named AT THE  SAME TIME, not 3 years later...   Just my two pences...
                                           Respects to All,   Iain

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