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Oh an attorneys do it all the time. The organization my wife worked for had 
a therapist that was being sued. Maryland state law made it impossible for 
her as a therapist to comment about the person's treatment, allegations etc 
in public. However the attorneys for the accused actually got a major 
network to do a story on one of their newmagazines.

And of course silence meant false accusation to the newsmagazine.

And I have not heard anyone blame the children. If anything we have said the 
children were ill seerved by those in a position to prevent this.

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>On May 13, 2007, at 1:33 PM, HLDarcy wrote:
> > Please, please, please, everyone.
> >
> > We don't know all the circumstances of what happened.  Let's not
> > fall into
> > the "blame the victim" mode; Which seems to be all to frequently what
> > happens in any kind of sexual assault or abuse case.
> >
> > Darcy
>Who is "blaming the victim"? I haven't heard one person blame the
>The parents aren't the victim. They in fact may be accessories to the
>crime through their negligence. Right now they are hiding behind the
>shield laws while their lawyers do their best to try this case in
>public. The first article I was pointed to, last week, was a very
>biased, one-sided "news" article that appears to have been written by
>the law firm.
>If the law firm, under the control of these parents, is going to do
>this, then it is fair for the organization or the people in it, to
>react and question why they are being accused of causing this crime.
>If, has been alluded to, the parents did bring their concerns to the
>SCA officers, and there was sufficient evidence to back their
>comments up, and the SCA didn't investigate it, then we have done
>wrong and need to improve our procedures and attitude.
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