[Ansteorra] Bad news from the East

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There would be a lot of factors to consider here and since we're not flies
on the wall how can we say what happened and why it was delayed?  Perhaps
the parents were working with the BOD on a settlement and it fell through,
perhaps they were hoping to see the SCA change its policies regarding
background checks and the BOD didn't move fast enough for them so they
decided to push the issue.  As for the reasons why the parents sued in the
first place, too numerous to mention.  Perhaps the ultimate reason that they
are suing the SCA is so that it can force the organization to adopt the same
rules as other major organizations like the Boy Scouts so that this doesn't
happen to other kids.  Maybe they are being altruistic here???  Can we give
them the benefit of the doubt perhaps?  The SCA is a bit behind the times on
these rules I think.

But I do think that it is unfair to assume things like; the parents didn't
check this guy out in the ways that everyone on this list is saying they
should do.  After all, he was the kingdom level officer, had several years
of experience with children activities, lived with his parents, other
parents seemed to trust him, on and on and on.  Given these facts would you
have trusted him at the time?  I can see, again reading between the lines
here, where a picture of this guy could have been developed by these parents
that led them to trust him.  

It's sad to say, that our associations strong belief in honesty can
sometimes blind us to dangers that lurk within our midst.  We are, after
all, a society founded on a higher ideal.  And we all assume that everyone
who is a part of our society subscribes to these higher ideals of truth,
honesty and chivalry.  Hell, I can remember a time where you could leave
your wallet on the table in front of your tent at an event and be guaranteed
that all of its contents would still be there when you came back.  No more!
Our society has evolved and it is a microcosm of society as a whole.  We are
such a welcoming organization that we welcome all who want to participate
regardless of the social ineptness or depravity that the person may be
hiding (or not).  In other words, we don't discriminate on who joins or who
doesn't.  Not saying we should, it's just a fact of operation and we have to
realize that some times we're going to take hits like this one.

Robert de bray

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Their are a number of mundane and legal procedural reasons I can think 
of that would delay this case like this. While it may be the result of 
decisions made by the parents, I am hesitant to assume anything 
considering how long  some much, much simpler legal actions in my own 
past have taken.

Ivo Blackhawk

Troop0341 at aol.com wrote:
> Greets to All,
>       I have been reading about this lawsuit on  here and in other lists
> one fact seems to be lost on all...  the  molester was convicted in 2004 -

> plead guilty...   and yet the lawsuit  against the SCA was only filed on
the 9th 
> of May 2007...   does anyone  else find this just alittle strange if it is
> intend of the lawyer to  "protect the rights" of the victims?  Should this

> not have been done within  a timely manner?  If this had been my kids,
> molester, his family  (as it was in their home) and the group involved
would be 
> getting named AT THE  SAME TIME, not 3 years later...   Just my two
>                                            Respects to All,   Iain
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