[Ansteorra] bad things

ChuckandRhonda Leggett poppabrick at yahoo.com
Sun May 13 10:33:05 PDT 2007

Yes, things happen. The man in question was a kingdom
officer and had experience with leading children's
activities. Many priests also have years of experience
and they are PRIESTS, therefore thought to be
trustworthy. Child molesters do not wear a badge
proclaiming their intentions. It is up to the parents
to get to know the person their child is spending time
with and to ensure there is adequate supervision. 

The parents in this situation may have felt everything
was satisfactory and that the children were absolutely
safe in his care. 

Still....how does hurt, anger, and guilt automatically
give someone the justification to sue? 
As I pointed out earlier, if this man had passed a
background check it would have meant only that he had
never been caught. How many children had he molested
and for how many years BEFORE he was found out?
Passing a background check does not mean a person is
trustworthy! Parents have the responsibility to
personally check out a person. Spend time with them
and know them before allowing the children to be in
that persons care. Whether single, married, or parents
to a whole brood, they can still inflict damage on a
child, they can still be predators. 

Bad things happen. We do our best to protect our
children. But sometimes, no matter how careful we are,
someone can slip in under our radar and harm our
children.  Only the person or persons directly
involved in the crime should be held responsible. Guns
don't kill people, cars don't kill people, pencils
don't misspell words, and the SCA did not molest those


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