[Ansteorra] Bad things

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Restrooms can be as a group. Herd the children there, herd them back.

Disruptive children? If you use the form required by the Kingdom, the 
parents will have stated where they would be. I am sure a passing adult 
would be happy to oblige in summoning them.

Lord Engenulf de Vienville

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>I have a couple of concerns about implementation of child safety policies.
>As we have turned on to this constructive thread, this seemed like the 
>to bring it at.
>I have always wondered if the two deep policy really means you need three 
>more qualified persons.  How are the MOC's, or other qualified person,
>supposed to handle escorting a child to the restroom, or a disruptive child
>to a proper authority?  Do we have plans in place for these situations?
>We have been discussing implementing background checks and other policies
>about requiring parents to take part in children's activities.  Both seem 
>be very good ideas, but does this mean parents will need to have a
>background check, or that we can not count those parents in our two deep
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