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At 08:39 PM 5/14/2007, Mike Wyvill wrote:

> >From: Laetitia <laetitia at doverkeep.com>
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> >At 08:20 PM 5/14/2007, Mike Wyvill wrote:
> > >Restrooms can be as a group. Herd the children there, herd them back.
> >
> >How would that work?
> >
> >Little Susie needs to go *right now*!!
> >
> >Do you interrupt the entire group at their activity and take all the
> >kids? Or make Susie wait until the group's break time?
> >
> >Conversely - how does the "two deep" rule work on escorting a minor
> >child to the bathroom alone?
>You NEVER escort a child by themselves. Sorry but this is a lesson learned
>the hard way by the BSA. Boy Scouts calls it the buddy system but you don't
>take a child anywhere alone. You start the your activities with that march.
>If not you find Susie's mom or dad and THEY take care of it. MOC activities
>were never meant to be a babysitting service.

So, the question remains - Little Susie needs to go right now - does 
this mean the whole group is dragged, Susie is forbidden to go or 
that the "two deep" rule actually requires 4 people to be workable. A 
child who needs to go to the bathroom without delay is in no way 
synonymous with "baby sitting"

Or do you send 9 year old Susie to the bathroom by herself?

> > >Disruptive children? If you use the form required by the Kingdom, the
> > >parents will have stated where they would be. I am sure a passing adult
> > >would be happy to oblige in summoning them.
> >
> >Little Susie is throwing a screaming fit (possibly because she didn't
> >get to go to the bathroom *smile*)
> >Do we leave little Susie screaming in the middle of the room,
> >disrupting all the other children's activities until someone passing
> >by can be sent for Susie's parents
>Its either that or you have enough help to spare an adult. You want one to
>go and then have little Susie accuse you of doing something that either
>makes it impossible for you to play any more or that can get you arrested?
>Remember two deep protects not only the child but the adult.

I do not *want* anything in particular one way or the other. I am 
trying to ascertain how the system might be made to work and part of 
that is potential problem scenarios


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