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The proposals so far (and the final rules are not in place) say that at
least one of the people must have a current card saying they passed a
background check. If the second person is not an officer whose function
would require the background check, they need not have one. 

As to the need for people beyond two. In Scouts we said two deep, but
reminded people that they might need to split up if someone was injured and
could not be moved, but we needed to go for help. So we suggested more than
two for such events. If you cannot manage two deep during a restroom break,
then take half the kids with you to the restroom or take everyone. Remember
gender appropriate escorts to the restroom. 

Scouts went a bit overboard. Remember they don't have kids too young to go
to the bathroom by themselves. At camps they made them put in changing rooms
at the pools for boys, girls, men, and women and adults were not allowed in
the kids changing rooms. I have not been in a camp since my kids left
Scouting due to age, but that was the plan when I left and they were
building them.


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I have a couple of concerns about implementation of child safety policies. 
As we have turned on to this constructive thread, this seemed like the place
to bring it at.

I have always wondered if the two deep policy really means you need three or
more qualified persons.  How are the MOC's, or other qualified person,
supposed to handle escorting a child to the restroom, or a disruptive child
to a proper authority?  Do we have plans in place for these situations?

We have been discussing implementing background checks and other policies
about requiring parents to take part in children's activities.  Both seem to
be very good ideas, but does this mean parents will need to have a
background check, or that we can not count those parents in our two deep


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