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  Two more of my cents:
       Please understand this.... Back ground checks may only weed-out 25% of bad people and of that 25% maybe 5% would fall under sexual misconduct. It's the 75% you have to be worried about . The reason....Most child molester count on fear, guilt, and intimidation to keep from being caught. So most of them , get away with it time and time again.
     Get a group of 20 adult together and ask, "How many were molested as a child and how many told an adult about it." The answer would shock you . Most children who were molested ...never tell...or wait until they are adults to tell. So, don't think a "back ground checks" will guarantee that safety net for the children.
      Being a former M.O.C. officer on a Local, Regional, and Kingdom level, we were informed about this when it happened and in all of the kingdoms , we, the M.O.C.s',  started trying to put safeguards into place.  One of the ideas we, Lady Isabelle and I  came up with was to have Artisans (Peers,Laurels, any A&S'er) come and do demos for the children. Not only would it educate but it would have given Us (M.O.C.'s) at least one or two more adults there with "eyes and ears' which would be a safe guard for the kids. Also, keep in mind that the sexual assaults happen, not at an event , but at that persons home.  We are not perfect but we can be very careful.
        As adults, almost all of Us play this game because , if for no other reason ...We have this desire for "Honor". That will always work in Our favor. As Honorable adults, start watching ...open your eyes and ears .....We need to wake-up and pay attention...Even if you are not a parent. We're always saying that the "Children are our Future". Well it's true and we must be more prudent with our future.
   Back Ground checks...wonderful.... , that will weed out some. The rest is left up to Us . "We" are at these events , not the police. It will be up to Us to do a good job. And if we do a good job then it will be that much harder for someone to get a chance to molest a child.
   We all know the BOD will come up with some general rules to follow and that's a good thing . However , Ansteorra (and other Kingdoms of course) must take an active role in this.
  We need to implement safe guards our selves. We might want to consider putting together a "panel group" to come up with our on personal safe guards along with the BOD recommendations. I know there are M.O.C.'s out there that have good ideas we can use.
     In the end , it is up to Ansteorra to make sure this does not happen here. These are Our Children. They are counting on Us to protect them. We are their life line. As Honorable people , what else can do ?
  To the Kingdom and to the Children,
  Lady Kandyce of Oakclyffe

Mike Wyvill <wyvillmike at hotmail.com> wrote: 
>The Board is already working on a background check policy. But
>frankly, requiring a background check for someone whose sole
>interaction with children is marshalling them on the field in front
>of the Crown, the Baron and dozens populace members is absurd. Next
>you'll be saying that you need a background check before you can
>accept water from an underage waterbearer.
Are you absolutely certain that would be the only contact? I don't believe 
this person in the East did anything in front of all those witnesses but at 
his parent's home.

Lord Engenulf de Vienville

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