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   The only (potential) problem I see would only allowing those who have passed the "SCA approved" backgroud work with the children.  While I think this is an ideal situation, I know (from experiance) that sometimes, just finding two adults to work with children is hard enough, but now, having to find others that meet the requirements, might be more difficult.
    Would previous background checks work (i.e scouts, or work, or military)?  It seems that this would open MANY more people that could do the work (and the society wouldnt have to foot the bill).  
Adena Terricsdotter


>From what I understood, the current working theory is to require background checks only on MoC's. Once their background check is cleared, they will recieve a card saying so. At all childrens activities, ONE person with a card MUST be present at all times, others volunteering and working do not need a background check. Youth Marshalls, and others who work with the youth in combat related activities will not need a background check since a parent MUST be present at all times during those activities anyway. It is only at childrens activities when parents arent always present. Background checks MUST be done by the company the SCA chooses, previous background checks will not be allowed as not all companies follow the same rules, and the check must be current and up to date. 

As a parent, and a MoC, im OK with this idea. I have 4 children, of all ages. A 17 year old son who whould rather die than spend all day within 10 feet of me (hard to pick up chicks that way he says), a 7 year old son who has just gotten into youth archery and combat. I or hos father is there at all of those activities, but he often spends time at campsites with some of our friends who also have children his age. I would hate to tell him he couldnt spend time with them anymore because I have to be with him at all times. I know where he is, I know the people he is with, I know their home addresses and phone numbers, I know everyone in their campsite and I know they have the same philosophies on child rearing as I do. My two younger boys are 2 and 1. They are within 10 feet af a family member at ALL times. It may not always be me or their dad, they have two aunts and an uncle who all grew up in the SCA with us, but they are family.

I do not think it is possible to have the same rules on children under 4 as the rules you put in place for a 17 year old. (Could you see me putting a toddler harness on my 17 year old? Ive threatened him with it a few times, but its just not practical)

Ghita Amati
MoC, Shire of Amurgorod, Kingdom of Trimaris

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