[Ansteorra] Bad things

Cisco Cividanes engtrktwo at earthlink.net
Tue May 15 08:28:55 PDT 2007

Hi everyone.

I offer the following as constructive information, I mean no offense, 
these are just statements of fact concerning my own thoughts on this issue.

1) I do not believe that any of the crimes that sparked this situation 
took place at a sanctioned SCA event or meeting. As I understand it, the 
perpetrator created a false sense of security with the victims and their 
parents, granting him access that he probably would have gotten even if 
he were not in the SCA.

2) The majority of our efforts as mentioned on this list will ultimately 
serve as protection against claims of liability , charges of criminal 
negligence, and false accusations of child abuse.  It is likely that 
only  in a very, very few instances will these measures actually 
encounter a pedophile to deter. 

3) A vigilant, involved parent is the best protection for children, bar 
none. ALL of our efforts, attitudes and ideas should work with and 
respect this security model.

4) Tivar asked a rebuttal question to a gentile on the list as to how 
many pedophiles we thought were in the SCA. I do not know how to answer 
to this question myself. But I think we would be kidding ourselves if we 
didn't believe that their was at least one pedophile reading these very 
e-mails right now, considering his current situation, and what 
loop-holes he could exploit.

*Please, I do not want to be an alarmist, or a sensationalist, and 
neither are my motive for the fourth comment. I just don't want us 
loosing sight of the fact that the enemy here is as smart and adaptive 
as we are.*

5) Last, I am modestly concerned that failing a background check will 
mark some of us. I do not know the criteria of the checks for when or if 
they are instituted. But if someone fails a background check, (and in 
the SCA, the idea of that fact staying private is naive) I am concerned 
that suspicion and paranoia might set in even though the gentile in 
question may have failed for something totally unrelated to child 

Please don't misunderstand me. I an all for background checks, and 
revamping and reinforcing our current system of child management and 
supervision. And in turn protecting ourselves) I just don't want their 
to be any illusions about these procedures going through without drawbacks.

In service,
Lord Ivo Blackhawk.

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