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Elisabeth B. Zakes kitharis at gmail.com
Tue May 15 12:34:58 PDT 2007

At 08:20 PM 5/14/2007, Mike Wyvill wrote:
>>Restrooms can be as a group. Herd the children there, herd them back.

>How would that work?

>Little Susie needs to go *right now*!!

>Do you interrupt the entire group at their activity and take all the 
>kids? Or make Susie wait until the group's break time?

I am from Trimaris, so I dont know how yall set up Childrens Activities, but we allways have a restroom or portapotty in the immediate area of childrens activities. Most kids over 5 can make it there and back within eyesight un-escorted. Smaller children arent supposed to be there without an adult of their own anyway.

>Conversely - how does the "two deep" rule work on escorting a minor 
>child to the bathroom alone?

See above, actual walking to a restroom is done in plain veiw of everyone else, if a child is going to need help inside the potty, they arent at Childrens activities without an adult anyway.

>>Disruptive children? If you use the form required by the Kingdom, the
>>parents will have stated where they would be. I am sure a passing adult
>>would be happy to oblige in summoning them.

>Little Susie is throwing a screaming fit (possibly because she didn't 
>get to go to the bathroom *smile*)
>Do we leave little Susie screaming in the middle of the room, 
>disrupting all the other children's activities until someone passing 
>by can be sent for Susie's parents

We use walkie talkies....


Ghita Amati
MoC Shire of Amurgorod, Kingdom of Trimaris

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