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They had a provider, but for reasons not disclosed, they decided that
provider would not work for them and they are investigating other providers.


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Actually according to what the BOD posted, they have already chosen a source
for the background checks and the pass/fail is rated only on whether the
person is on a Megan's List or not.  In other words, the only thing checked
is whether they have a history of child abuse or sexual assault.  They don't
check financial records, police records or anything else, only the sexual
offenders list.


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> A $10 background check doesn't seem like it will give you much info.  And
> card issued by the BOD is good for two years?  A lot can happen in two
> years.  And what's to say that this $10 background check is going to
> actually differentiate between violent sexual crimes and a felony larceny
> conviction?  If the only conclusion is the person passed or failed, how do
> the people who are making the decision going to make a truly informed
> decision.  I don't think that a person who was convicted of felony larceny
> should be equated with a pedophile.  At least not in the context we're
> discussing.  A convicted burglar has a greater potential chance of
> rehabilitation.  Whereas a repeat sex offender may not (just my opinion
> I do believe that statistics may prove me correct here).
> Most states have online data bases that anyone can go and search for
> individuals convicted of sex crimes.  The caveat of course is that the
> person has registered with the state.  Some of the most heinous sex crimes
> we've seen in the news over the years were committed by people who failed
> register with the state, who moved between states and failed to register,
> etc.
> For the state of Texas you can do a search at this web site;
> https://records.txdps.state.tx.us/DPS_WEB/Sor/index.aspx
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