[Ansteorra] background checks

Goldweard goldweard at yahoo.com
Tue May 15 13:56:54 PDT 2007


Again I don't think there need s to be a cost
involved.   if all we are checking on is sexual
offenders we can do it via the sex offenders board.   

If the sca were to begin instituting full background
checks for individuals who were to take a position
within the society.

Lets take the example of the office of the exchequer.

would you want lord x to be the exchequer for your
local group if you knew that he had been convicted of
embezzlement a few years earlier.  It is a safeguard
not just against sexual predators in this case, but in
the case of other individuals who may pose a threat to
the group or the society as a whole  in one form or

Now  does that mean i don't want lord x to play.   No,
people make mistakes.  There may be mitigating
circumstances.   I think if someone does have this in
his past, and can show where there has been some
period of reform or other mitigating circumstances,
that that should not be held against him, (perhaps he
could even still be the exchequer) nor should it be
broadcasted to the population the results of such a
check, but  if  for this position I have to choose
between lord x and lord z then I'll choose lord z.
Lord x can still hold other offices.

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