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Faelan Caimbeul faelancaimbeul at gmail.com
Tue May 15 17:24:35 PDT 2007

Well, I like the idea of using other background checks to qualify. Take it
from someone who held a Top Secret clearance, it makes the 4H and Boy Scout
checks child's play, no pun intended. Anyone with a military security
clearance is sqeeky clean, with character references. Granted, even that is
not absolute.


On 5/15/07, djmccreary at peoplepc.com <djmccreary at peoplepc.com> wrote:
> Ian,
>   The only (potential) problem I see would only allowing those who have
> passed the "SCA approved" backgroud work with the children.  While I think
> this is an ideal situation, I know (from experiance) that sometimes, just
> finding two adults to work with children is hard enough, but now, having to
> find others that meet the requirements, might be more difficult.
>    Would previous background checks work (i.e scouts, or work, or
> military)?  It seems that this would open MANY more people that could do the
> work (and the society wouldnt have to foot the bill).
> Adena Terricsdotter
> Adena,
> >From what I understood, the current working theory is to require
> background checks only on MoC's. Once their background check is cleared,
> they will recieve a card saying so. At all childrens activities, ONE person
> with a card MUST be present at all times, others volunteering and working do
> not need a background check. Youth Marshalls, and others who work with the
> youth in combat related activities will not need a background check since a
> parent MUST be present at all times during those activities anyway. It is
> only at childrens activities when parents arent always present. Background
> checks MUST be done by the company the SCA chooses, previous background
> checks will not be allowed as not all companies follow the same rules, and
> the check must be current and up to date.
> As a parent, and a MoC, im OK with this idea. I have 4 children, of all
> ages. A 17 year old son who whould rather die than spend all day within 10
> feet of me (hard to pick up chicks that way he says), a 7 year old son who
> has just gotten into youth archery and combat. I or hos father is there at
> all of those activities, but he often spends time at campsites with some of
> our friends who also have children his age. I would hate to tell him he
> couldnt spend time with them anymore because I have to be with him at all
> times. I know where he is, I know the people he is with, I know their home
> addresses and phone numbers, I know everyone in their campsite and I know
> they have the same philosophies on child rearing as I do. My two younger
> boys are 2 and 1. They are within 10 feet af a family member at ALL times.
> It may not always be me or their dad, they have two aunts and an uncle who
> all grew up in the SCA with us, but they are family.
> I do not think it is possible to have the same rules on children under 4
> as the rules you put in place for a 17 year old. (Could you see me putting a
> toddler harness on my 17 year old? Ive threatened him with it a few times,
> but its just not practical)
> Ghita Amati
> MoC, Shire of Amurgorod, Kingdom of Trimaris
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