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Right now Ivo's child is to young for children's activities.  his opinion 
may, and I suspect probably will, change when his own child wants to go and 
spend time with his friends and is old enough to enjoy the MOC activities. 
Right now his little guy pretty happily goes wherever his Daddy takes him.


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First of all, the background check and caring for my own child are two
separate issues.

I don't want a background check because I don't want to even be eligible
to watch out for other people's children on SCA time. I am neither drawn
towards, or enthusiastic about children's education/activity from a
supervisory standpoint. I think children's activities are a great thing,
I just know I'm not cut out to teach them, at least not now. If I get
"certified" by the society to do that, then I worry that their will be
pressure to supervise a class when their are no other qualified people

And secondly, their is a world of difference between volunteering to
help a children's activity and supervising my own child.
Don't confuse those two points.

As it stand right now, My events are universally full. I don't have
enough time to do everyone that I want, and half of the time I have is
usually taken watching my own son or doing road/site heraldry--or both.

My point is that I don't want my comments being devalued because I don't
want to have a backgrounds check or to actually teach a children's class


>  IVO this is directed at YOU….
> If you do not wish to have a background check and you do not wish to 
> participate in MOC activities with your child…then in my opinion you 
> should not be allowed to drop your child off to participate in the MOC 
> activities.
> Lady Ciana O'Hara
> Barony of Northkeep

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