[Ansteorra] bad things

robert segrest aumbob at yahoo.com
Wed May 16 09:33:18 PDT 2007

Several people have made the statement "We cannot go
too far in protecting our children" or something quite
similar.  If this is the case, lets ban all children
from SCA events.  That will absolutely guarantee that
no sexual predator takes advantage of them within the
SCA.  Of course there will be disadvantages, but no
sacrifice is too great to make for our kids.

Of course this is not a serious suggestion, but I
really want to make the point that we can in fact go
too far in trying to protect our children.  Life is
risk.  We try to minimize the risk while getting the
most out of life.  Lets all try to keep that in mind.

Fatthiopap Laszlo

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