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You are correct this thread is a circle but it still needs to be argued out until parents learn that they need to take charge of their children.  That is the ONLY way the PA incident will not happen to their child because fingerprinting, background checks...NONE of that is going to keep your child safe!!!  NONE OF IT!!!

I was MOC for many years when my boys were younger, I know I've said this before.  If my 10 year old wants to participate in the MOC activities I currently ask if they need any help if they don't then I go do something else while he is there.  If this donating an hour becomes a requirement then I will donate an hour without arguement.

Now to address the MOC as being a courtesy.  That angers me because it shouldn't be looked at like that.  I was under the impression upon joining the SCA that we are a Non-Profit Educational Organization.  If this is true then how can anyone say MOC activities are a "courtesy"?  Yes adults are at events to have fun BUT if the SCA is what they say they are then they are supposed to be educating our young.  

As it was put to me earlier today in a private email our society (SCA & mundane life) has become a "society of entitlement".  I couldn't agree with her more.  People think that just because a service is available they have the "entitlement" to use it without any compensation for it.  


Yes if you want to have an adult weekend by all means keep your children at home; we do it on occasion.  However, if you are at an event and you have children, yet again I'm going to say it, be a parent and deal with them yourself.  If you wish to leave them at the children's activities to do your thing that is fine. BUT you must put in your time.  If there are to be exceptions to this rule they need to be VERY limited exceptions or people WILL take advantage of it.  The MOC is in charge of the children's activites, that person needs to be a strong willed person and NOT allow parents to walk all over them.  

Each event should stand on its own; no child should be banned in the future.  Each MOC in charge needs to say this is the way these activities are going to be run.  Parents will have to realize that they will need to put in their time if they want to have their child in the acitivities.  PERIOD!!!

I really like what the Trimarian's do and take the child back to the parent if they do not show up.  I think that is just AWESOME!!!  I think Ansteorra needs to start doing this as well!! 

Lady Ciana O'Hara
Barony of Northkeep

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Please forgive the cynicisim of this response, but if a parent has a million
other things to do, and their child is fairly young, and the adult has no
time, perhaps they should find a babysitter and leave the child at home...?

Seems to me that the children's events are put on as a fun thing for the
kids, as we do want them to develope and grow in the SCA and come into their
own within the society. But in the end the childrens events really are a
"courtesy" when it comes down to it, as we don't want our youth bored out of
their minds.

But my question is this, let's say there are the backgroud checks, that's
fine; but it seems like it's kind of pointless for this reason: the people
that basically just drop their kids off and go do their own thing, in such
using it as a baby sitter they don't have to pay for, don't seem so
concerned in the first place. And those that are concerned about who their
kids are being "left" with are generally the ones hanging around watching
the kids stuff anyhow. So should these efforts be put into place, the
background checks, the parental required participation...what happens if the
parent(s) refuse? Are we allowed to tell these people they cannot let their
kids participate in the future? And if so, how do you enforce that from
event to event?

Just some randome thoughts of my own...not intending any offense to anyone,
and keep in mind I don;t have a child, just a nephew. But I did grow up in
Amtgard, and I have been an adult that gets stuck with someone else's kids
that then goes off and does their own thing for a few hours....it's not
cool. And while I think there should definately bee something in place for
people running these events, as well as the participants, this entire thread
seems to go in a circle.....


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