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djmccreary at peoplepc.com djmccreary at peoplepc.com
Wed May 16 11:35:54 PDT 2007

>I love the idea of "payment" for babysitting services (I use that term
>because in my observation that's what MOC activities have been used for by
>many parents) in the form of a hour or two of your own time. ANYONE can find
>ONE hour during an event to come and help the (usually quite overworked,
>IMO) MOC. If you have two parents, they can even split at half an hour each
>if they like.

>I look at it this way, this is no different from a school trip, or summer
>camp. The parents don't all go on these trips, but a couple teachers or
>councelors do. However, in both cases the parents are shelling out money to
>let their child participate in these activities. In our case, we're only
>asking for a bit of their time, a small bit. If you can scrape up the money
>for summer camp, you can find an hour to volunteer with the MOC.

We already insist on this at some of our smaller local events in Trimaris, and are planning on implementing it at Kingdom events soon. If at any point we dont have a volunteer available, we line up all the kids and walk them back to their parents...it didnt take many times of showing up at the lyst feild and handing a child over to a knight about to fight for the parents to start falling over themselves to schedule "thier" time.


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