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What  about the ropes stretching? Has anyone ever had a problem with  that?

Designed a queen size rope bed for Gulf War- Use nylon ropes- ropes  
stretched and had to constntly retighten- even so evrything rolled to the  middle.  
Wasn't a problem for me but wife didn't like it. Redesigned same  bed for Pensic 
by putting a 2x4 down the middle so any sagging would be in the  middle of 
each half of the bed- better, less complaints from wife but got real  tired of 
tightening rope. besides- set is a bear for time. Redesigned  bed  for 9 
Worthies by putting a lip around inside that 2-  3 and 1/2 foot by 5  foot sheets of 
3/8 plywood rest on.  Quick setting up and down and  comfortable for wife and 
me.  No more complaints and looks period with  special air matress on it- but 
that's a whole other story.
Baron Loch  Soillier
Malleus et Deus

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