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On May 16, 2007, at 8:44 PM, Amanda Schaefer wrote:

> I understand the feeling. My parents (especially father) was rarely  
> if ever at events. I think my father even did not show to my high  
> school graduation! I am a parent myself now and they are showing  
> about the same amount of interest in my daughter that they did in  
> me. I planned a birthday party for her last year let them know a  
> month in advance and two weeks before they decided to take a trip  
> that weekend! I am now pregnant and do not expect anything to  
> change for our son. My husband and I are both very active in our  
> daughter's life (yes she is almost 4, but best to start young!) and  
> I know that it will be the same for our little boy.

Greetings Amanda,

I know this isn't your first child, but I thought that perhaps these  
files in the Florilegium might be of use/interest to you. Or perhaps  
others here might find them useful.

In the CLOTHING section:
clothing-MN-msg   (62K)  9/14/99    Maternity and nursing garb.

In the CHILDREN section:
pregnancy-msg      (9K)  9/ 3/99    Pregnancy in period. Handling it  
in the SCA.

For those whose babies have already arrived, in the same CHILDREN  
babies-msg       (103K)  2/ 2/01    Camping with babies.
baby-gifts-msg    (20K)  4/13/98    Period-type and SCA-useful baby  
baby-slings-msg    (9K)  2/ 2/01    Cloth slings for carrying your baby.
child-wagons-msg   (7K)  9/27/99    Wagons for hauling children at  
p-cradles-msg      (5K)  9/ 7/01    Period baby cradles.
pregnancy-msg      (9K)  9/ 3/99    Pregnancy in period. Handling it  
in the SCA.
teething-toys-msg (22K)  1/ 5/01    Period and SCA teething toys for  

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